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Hey I am Shreyas Dixit !

As a Notion expert, I specialize in helping busy individuals streamline their workflows, optimize their productivity, and stay organized. Whether you're a student, a professional, or simply someone who wants to stay on top of their game, I'm here to help you unlock the full potential of Notion and make the most out of your time. Let's work together to simplify your life and achieve your goals!

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My Templates have helped over 250 students , working professionals


Streamlined process to capture ,organize ad recall all your academic material in one place. Never miss a deadline again !


Balance your academic and personal life goals , create side hustles while in college and become time guru !


Learn about new things , build new products, participate in research projects , and much more !

More than 10+ template only for you !

Discover the best free and premium Notion templates and pages available for students and working professionals.

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Notion Beginners Bundle

Get Started with Notion in no time !

The Notion Beginners Bundle offers a collection of pre-designed templates for newcomers to Notion. With templates like Notion Zero to Hero, Habit Tracker, Reading List, To-do List, and Simple Budget, users can easily build their own personalized workspace. The bundle is completely free and provides step-by-step guidance, helping beginners navigate Notion effortlessly. It's a time-saving solution that empowers users to jumpstart their productivity and organization journey with Notion.

Notion Life Organizer

Your One Stop Destination For Better Organized Life.

Take control of your life with Notion Life Organizer , the ultimate productivity and organizing tool !

More than 200+ organized customers

Notion Healthify

Get your in your hand with healthify.

Revolutionize your meal tracking , calories intake and make healthier choices effortlessly with a Notion template featuring, modern design , calorie tracking , more than 20+ healthy nutritious recipes and much much more.

Get healthy now !!!

Notion Research Hub

Notion Research Hub is a customizable template that simplifies research organization, with sections for databases, collaboration, and easy information retrieval. It eliminates the stress of managing research projects and improves productivity for researchers and students

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